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10 Mar

9 a.m-9 p.m ft. Besiva!

Hello All! How've you guys been doing? I hope you all are doing super amazing! So, recently, I collaborated with a brand called Besiva, and they sent me a product which is first of all, gorgeous; second of all, as you can make out from the title, can be pulled off very easily in the day, as well as the night. For a long time now, I wanted to create a single look which could be worn from 9 a.m in the morning to 9 p.m at night without having to add or subtract anything! And with the the help of this top, I was finally able to curate it! And I was really really happy about the way it turned...
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27 Feb

F . I . E . R . C . E . ft. Kanelle

Recently, me and Kanelle partnered up for a fun and bold collaboration! Kanelle recently launched their BLUE-JEAN BABY collection of easy to wear separates with delicate hand detailing and darts in all forms. I received two products from them which were absolutely lovely and SUPER comfortable! The first product I got was a blue side open knit top which I paired up with a black caged bralette. I tucked the top in the classic blue skirt that has a small slit in the middle. To complete the look, I paired up the outfit with a pair of black patent boots and a plum toned lipstick. The bralette and the boots give such a fierce and bold vibe to the whole look! P.S -...
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7 Nov


Hello All! I've been wanting to do this post for a SUPER long time and I'm really glad that it's finally happening! This post is in collaboration with and Blueberry Accessories! got in touch with me a few weeks back and sent me two products ; a pair of pyjamas and a crop top (which I'll be talking about today) If any of you haven't checked out my previous post with, have at it - How To Rock Your Pajamas 101! Coming on to today's look, As you can figure out from the title, it's going to be about My Love For BASICS!! The word "Bae" means 'Before Anyone Else', so I played around with the pronunciation and turned it into "Bae-sics" Because...
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18 Oct

How To Rock Your Pajamas 101!

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Pajamas'? Night time? Your comfy bed? A warm blanket? Okay, don't fall asleep now! Haha! I'm sure you guys are aware that as a fashion blogger, brands contact me to review and promote their products. So, this collaboration of mine is with BEWAKOOF.COM! They sent me 2 of their products, out of which one I'll be talking about today and the latter, very soon. Coming on to the product, BEWAKOOF.COM sent me a pair of Pajamas, and very funky ones for that matter! Now, when you come to think of it, when a brand sends you a product like Pajamas, the most easy and conventional way to promote them would be to talk...
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27 Sep

Wills Lifestyle A/W Collection Launch’16!

Those of you who are following me on Instagram and Snapchat, already know that I attended the Wills Lifestyle A/W Collection Launch as a POPXo Blogger recently! It was the first event I was asked to cover by POPXo as I've recently become a part of their Blog Network! I was a little nervous about attending the launch, to be honest, because I had never done something like this and it was totally new to me! But I feel so happy in telling you guys that the launch was SO much fun! There were different bloggers and it felt great being around people who share the same passion and love for blogging like me! Talking about the A/W Collection at the Wills Store,...
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8 Sep

All About Ruffles and Culottes!

Who here loves bags? I know the title and the opening line are totally different, haha. I'm here to show you guys something really cool today. Since I've recently joined college, there's a slight craze in the freshers to look your best everyday. It can be a little challenging obviously. But I've been really digging doing posts which can be easily worn in college without having to look over the top! This look I've created will go perfect with the new college vibe. I recently collaborated with an e-store called Eva Exports and received two beautiful suitcase slings from them! First is this beautiful Nautical Ariel Blue bag and the other one, you'll see super soon! I got this gorgeous set from Missa More. Missa More...
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2 Sep

Co-Ording!, ft. Stalk.Buy.Love

As you guys already know, I do a product review every Thursday but I haven't tested out any new makeup as of now! So, I'm going to skip it this week. Recently I collaborated with Stalk.Buy.Love and got this super chic coordinated set! It's such a gorgeous dull nude shade. It's top has a cloth attached around the neck, and if you tie it tightly, it actually looks like a choker, which is what attracted me towards this set in the first place. I decided to for a very minimalistic look that can be easily worn for college or just a casual day out. I wore my absolute favorite and most comfortable platforms sandals. They're a gorgeous cream and gold combination with white platforms...
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28 Jul

Romantic Boho!

Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you guys are doing great! So, today's post is centred around the style that is right up my alley and a style that I absolutely adore, i.e. Bohemian. This style is so charming in its own unique way ; It's bold but at the same time, so alluring. I had actually done a shoot for this look quite some time back but never got a chance to show you guys! I was just scrolling through my pictures, and I found them and thought of completing my blog post! So, here I am. Also, I felt like I haven't done a general post in a long time you know! I feel like your raw styling...
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25 Jul


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! You guys have absolutely no clue how INCREDIBLY excited I am for this post. I recently collaborated with The Souled Store and they have these insane variety of tshirts, shoes, wall art, mugs and a lot other things! Their theme is mostly centred around bollywood, popular sitcoms, movies, comic books and general slang that has been circling the internet. I am  a HUGE HUGE HUGEEEE fan of the all time favourite and probably the most loved american sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I've watched each and every episode of every season at least 10 times.. ( although I won't be surprised at all if I've watched it more than 10 times, hehe ) If someone ever asked me to chose just...
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28 May

Casual with an upgrade, ft. D’cuore

Hey guys! I'm super excited to show you guys today's post because it's my first collaboration with a brand called D'Cuore Accessories. They deal in a variety of stylish handbags, you can find them on Instagram and Flipkart. I'm going to be showing you guys two looks I styled with the bags I was sent and as the name of the post suggests, the outfits are leaning towards an upgraded version of the breezy chic casual side. Since it's SO hot in Delhi, these outfits are perfect for college or a lunch date with your girlfriends! LOOK1 -  GIRLY FLORAL This is such a girly, bubbly outfit! As you guys know, I'm not too much into florals particularly. But I LOVE this entire ensemble. A very light...
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