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9 Jul

Offbeat, ft. Hotch Potch

It’s so good to finally get back to blogging, and I’ve waited to post about this so that it can be my first “back to blog” official post. I’ve curated this look in collaboration with a new brand called “Hotch Potch” It's owned and designed by Ms. Samiha Iyer and was officially launched in February 2018. The brand is a twist of classic with quirk - the name istself evokes a trendy connotation that is suggestive of it's mix and match style. Hotch Potch is a take on stylised version of classics, with a play on shapes and embellishments. And as everything conveyed about the brand, they sent me a very one of a kind handbag a couple of days back and I decided to...
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30 Mar

Welcoming Summers with Deal Jeans!

SUMMERS ARE HERE! I love summer time! It's my favourite season of the year! Winters are not enjoyable for me because I just get really lazy and I personally don't like winter clothes. But enough about that; So, if you're from New Delhi, summers in May-June are really really unbearable because it tends to get really hot. But, it's still fun to walk around in summer dresses and skirts and shorts and maxis! WOW! Hence, as you can make out from the title of this post, this look is going to be all about 'Welcoming Summers'! I'm doing this blog post in collaboration with Deal Jeans. And even if the title has *jeans*, they have A LOT more to offer like Tops, Dresses,...
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