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20 Aug

Trend Alert: The Fanny Pack!

Why are Fanny Packs/Bum Bags/Belt Bags so in trend these days? This is a question I asked myself a lot when I saw so many people carrying these small pouches around their waist throughout this summer. Until I finally went ahead and bought one to see what the hype was all about. This is something I used to see my dad or my brother carry in and around 2012 while traveling; To keep passports, cash, wallets and boarding passes. Then suddenly, we see it come back almost half a decade later in a completely different form and purpose. Today, it’s used majorly for style purposes which I have to say – I agree with! It looks so trendy, it’s not even funny. And obviously to carry...
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31 Jul


If you guys have been following me on my Instagram, you would know that I shot this look recently! I didn’t post a lot of pictures because I wanted to wait and put it here The look I wanted to create was a very glamorous and coordinated, one  which also looks very chic and eccentric! I got my inspiration to create this look when I went for my first visit to the new Forever21 outlet in DLF Mall OF India; I didn’t have any intention to buy anything, I just wanted to look around and see what the new collection looked like. And then, I saw it, hanging on the top shelf. That beautiful, sporty and uber stylish matte gold skirt. You know that moment?...
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22 Jul

Fusion 2.0

It’s time to take Indo-Western to a whole new level people! I personally love creating fusion looks; I think it says a lot when you take something traditional and give it a fresh and modern spin of your own. Which is what I’m doing today! Have a look at the pictures and then we’ll chat about the look more..  Maxi - Brahmaputra Market, Belt - Westside Stories, Gladiators - KOOVS, Sunglasses - H&M India    So, a while back, I went thrift shopping to a place called Brahmaputra Market! Now, I know what you’re thinking, people generally prefer doing thrift shopping from Janpath, Sarojini Nagar etc. And no doubt, thy are the best places to do that. But, if any of you live in Noida, you must be...
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9 Jul

Offbeat, ft. Hotch Potch

It’s so good to finally get back to blogging, and I’ve waited to post about this so that it can be my first “back to blog” official post. I’ve curated this look in collaboration with a new brand called “Hotch Potch” It's owned and designed by Ms. Samiha Iyer and was officially launched in February 2018. The brand is a twist of classic with quirk - the name istself evokes a trendy connotation that is suggestive of it's mix and match style. Hotch Potch is a take on stylised version of classics, with a play on shapes and embellishments. And as everything conveyed about the brand, they sent me a very one of a kind handbag a couple of days back and I decided to...
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