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Category: Lifestyle

6 Jul

Change Is Exhilarating!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! First off, I want to apologize for not being active here. It’s been 6 months since I posted something on my blog and there are some reasons for that. One of them being that I was focusing creating more and more content on Instagram – trying to make it my main area of content creation and due to that my blog got sidelined. Another being, that for the past couple of months I’ve been feeling quite demotivated and preoccupied with college assignments, as a result, things went a little south on the social media front. But during April, I finally decided that I can’t keep doing this any longer. That I had to get the motivation and determination...
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23 Dec

Sarojini Nagar Haul

IMG_0165 copy
Greetings Everyone! It's been a long time since I've written a blog post actually, and I'm not very happy with that, but, as a compensation - I have 3-4 blog posts all lined up for you all to see and this is the first one that I've been working on.. So, I visited Sarojini Nagar a while back with some friends; At that time, it was Mid-November so I decided to do some Winter shopping but I also ended up picking some stuff for Summers, haha😜 The most amazing part is that all the items I picked up were for less than 500/- INR! I was really in the mood to shop so I picked up almost 14-15 things, and it was Anyway, time to...
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17 Oct

Festive Lookbook!

This week is all about the festivities, parties and enjoying with your family and friends on occasions like Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Card Parties etc. etc. For me, less has always been more. The idea of dressing up like a walking talking disco ball has never appealed to me. I like simple and stylish outfits that I can work around and make them look awesome. The notion that you have to wear something heavily embroidered for a festival is overrated. There are so many things you can play around with to make your outfit look drop dead gorgeous like colours, prints, makeup, hair, accessories and all the works! Don’t you agree? This is what I’ve tried to incorporate in this post for you guys. I’ve done 3...
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13 Aug

Himalayan Orchard Pure Event

Those of you who are following me on my social media, already know that I attended the launch of Himalayan Orchard Pure Flavoured Mineral Water at Claridges Hotels and Resorts in Delhi. And for those of you who aren't following me on my social media, the links are below👇 Instagram, Roposo, Twitter, Facebook  Please follow me there because I put a lot of content through posts and stories there as compared to my blog❤️ So, as most of you know, Waters from the Himalays has always been considered pure and clean. And when this water is collected and packaged in a bottle, we can be sure that all the purity is captured within. Adding natural favours to this, Himalaya Orchard Pure Mineral Water...
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11 Aug

Weekend Ensembles

Getting ready for the weekend seems like a huge task these days! Weekends are filled with parties, date nights, drinking sessions, clubbing and you have to definitely look your best and creating an outfit for every weekend can become really challenging; I've picked out some really nice options of dresses and tops for you girls from ROMWE FASHION to see and give y'all some styling tips about the products! Check them out below👇 1. Grey Buttoned Front Ribbed Cami Dress : Pair it up with a subtle layered neckpiece ( preferably gold ) and stilettos in subtle tones - White/Black/Blush Pink/Olive Green and a similar coloured sling! 2. Lace Crop Cami Top : Thin or thick chokers, matched with fitted blue or black jeans...
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21 Jul

Vacation Wishlist

Summer Vacations are just about to end and everyone's planning their last hurrah before college begins! Personally, I'm a beach person. My idea of a relaxing and fun vacation is lying on the beach, getting tanned, eating amazing food etc. etc. 🏖️ 🌴 Doesn't mean I don't enjoy going to hill stations and just lazing around and exploring! When you go on vacation, your main aim is to relax and have a good time, but that doesn't mean you can't look your best! For me, it's very important to dress well, wherever you are! Whether it's events, dinners, vacations, whatever.. SHEIN is definitely one place where you can get outfits for any occasion! ❤️ This post is all about my vacation wishlist, you guys should definitely...
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24 Jun

Top 10 Movies You HAVE TO See!

People who follow me on my social media regularly, know that my blog is mostly about Fashion and Beauty; But recently, I've been trying to expand the topics to write about and go into Travel and Lifestyle. Since I obviously don't have the opportunity to constantly travel, not matter how much I may want that.. I thought I'd write about Lifestyle which includes stuff like Favourites, Hauls, Recipes, Trends, Movies, etc. etc. etc. So, we're going to be talking about movies today.. Since my summer vacations are going on, I've been watching A LOT of movies because I literally have nothing to do these days. I had made a promise to myself to watch all kinds of movies, Hollywood/Bollywood Classics, Romantic...
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2 May

Write Your Wanders ft. The Woodgeek Store

Hello Everyone! How's everyone been doing? I've been so drowned with college work lately, but now I'm getting back to work and there are some posts that are overdue for me to share with you! Recently, I connected with a brand called The Woodgeek Store; they specialise in making accessories out of wood! The service is truly very unique, don't you think? Their accessories include Bamboo Notebooks and Pens, Sunglasses, and Phone Cases. I'm the kind of person that loves to express my thoughts and ideas through writing, which is one of the main reasons why I became a blogger! So, naturally, what caught my eye the most was their Bamboo Notebooks and Pens! The beautiful finish of the wood really...
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23 Jan

Fashion At Your Doorstep with Label Kiss

Hey everyone! Monday's here, it's the 'back to the grind' day after a happy weekend! I spent my weekend shooting and procrastinating my college work! Haha! But, this post was long overdue. If you're someone who follows me on social media, you would know that I recently collaborated with a brand called Label Kiss. So, Label Kiss and I got together to tell you guys about a service they shared with me! It's called "Fashion At Your Doorstep".  I'll be explaining everything step-by-step to make it easier for you guys to avail the service! So, let's jump into it! STEP ONE: Download the Label Kiss app from your App-Store or Google Play.  STEP TWO: Search the Label Kiss app for accessories you would...
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11 Jan

Golden Globe Awards-2017

Hi All! This post is something that I've never done before on my blog and is actually quite spontaneous because I just thought about doing it and here I am, writing already. Most of you might know that the Golden Globe Awards 2017 was held in The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California on 8th January. I was so excited for the pictures to flood the internet and my social media so that I can view all the dresses and go gaga over them; The night was all about deep necklines, lots of sparkle and tons of bling! So, in this post, I'm going to be sharing the THREE BEST DRESSED actresses on the red carpet at the Golden Globes! BLAKE LIVELY DOES ANYONE ELSE...
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