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27 Sep

Work It Off


It’s been just a little over a month since I’ve written a blog; been drowning in college work!
This post was scheduled to go out a week ago but I just didn’t get time to write it. Anyway, we’re here now! So let’s get started on what this post’s all about.

I’m sure all of you might be aware about this, but for those of you aren’t, a very corporate/formal look contains 3 main elements – A skirt/trouser, a shirt and a blazer and if you’re willing, a conservative piece of jewellery.
I’ve curated my take on a formal look for you guys which has all the elements you need but with a stylish spin..
Check it out👇

Blazer – SHEIN, Trousers – H&M, Heels – Aldo Shoes, Neckpiece – Forever21




I got myself this beautiful cape blazer from SHEIN and curated a formal look for you guys.
This blazer fits like an absolute dream and it’s so so stylish and versatile; I’m surely going to be showing you guys how to pair it with different kinds of outfits on my Instagram❣️
I styled a classic achromatic look with a white blazer, black trousers and classic black stilettos! Along with that, I used a very minimal and small neckpiece for a feminine touch and put up my hair in a bun.

If I was working or interning somewhere with some flexibility for dress code, I would just LOVE to wear this kind of an outfit. It’s so edgy, yet powerful and it fits the idea of a formal outfit.
Can’t wait to work somewhere just to wear this (just kidding, college is enough for now😛)

Check out my new favourite from SHEIN 👉 here!

Hope you guys liked this post!
Until next time. xox

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