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13 Aug

Himalayan Orchard Pure Event


Those of you who are following me on my social media, already know that I attended the launch of Himalayan Orchard Pure Flavoured Mineral Water at Claridges Hotels and Resorts in Delhi.
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So, as most of you know, Waters from the Himalays has always been considered pure and clean. And when this water is collected and packaged in a bottle, we can be sure that all the purity is captured within.
Adding natural favours to this, Himalaya Orchard Pure Mineral Water by NourishCo Beverages Ltd, is the latest to hit the ‘all natural products’ market. What caught my attention is that it is bottled in easy to carry containers. Another point that I liked was that this water is supposed to contain all the natural minerals found in water naturally, and many of the others added to it🏔️

Let me ask you all – How would it taste if you add some flavour to your daily drinking water? It would look like a combination of both taste and health, right?
Himalayan Mineral Water has enhanced the flavour of its water with three different flavours like Peach, Apple and Strawberry. (Strawberry being my absolute favv!)
So, now you have naturally flavoured drinking water. This water is available at just Rs 55 for a bottle of 500 ml in in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


The event kicked off with an in-depth conversation with Masaba Gupta from House Of Masaba about the product, and I was really excited to hear that she has collaborated with Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral Water for Lakme Fashion week.
She says this Lakme Fashion Week Festival will have 35 new looks. All these new looks are completely based on the purity and freshness of nature just like the Himalayan Orchard Pure Mineral Water with all three different flavours Peach, Strawberry
and Apple. She also added that her complete collection this year is going to be really colourful and at the same time it
is going to be pure like Himalayan Pure Mineral Water.
She loves fruits and she is now going to showcase them in her next designs;


I’m SO SO excited to see her new collection at the Fashion Week guys, she’s one of my favourite designers, I’m really looking forward to what she’s planning to do! 😍😍
Rest of the event went by in some fun activities, painting T-shirts with stencils, getting pictures clicked, chatting up with my other blogger friends! 😄
It was really a fun event, and we got a lovely little hamper from Himayalan India too! Check out all the pictures below👇

FullSizeRender 2
IMG_2433  FullSizeRender 3

Don’t forget to give the Himalayan Flavoured Water a try guys! It’s a refreshment bomb💖

I hope you guys liked this post!
Until next time. xox

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