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3 Aug

Veet Electric Trimmer – Product Review


For a long period of time, women have been unaware of certain unspoken beauties like body odour, hair growth, periods and a lot more. This is because society has always told us not to talk about things like this. And when I say things like this, I mean NORMAL stuff. This happens to EVERY woman out there!
So today, we’re going to be talking about one of them and a revolutionary product to solve it!

Women all over the world face the problem of hair growth on their body; And it’s even more awkward when it’s in slightly unusual places like your face or bikini line or any other place. But it’s not something to be ashamed of.
I’m sure all of you are aware that men and women have 3 hormones in them – Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. Women grow hair because there is presence of Testosterone in their body, which is a male hormone.
Some women have excess of it, which is why there is growth of hair in unusual places. But there are a lot of methods today that can be used to remove the unwanted hair – Laser, Medication, Products introduced by companies.

We’re going to be talking about one such product today!
I’ll be reviewing the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer today for all of you.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, trimmers are something you’ve seen your brothers or your dads use. But this is a trimmer that has been designed specifically for women! Let’s get into the details about this product..


The trimmer is priced at 2250/- INR, which is a little towards the higher side but you also get a wide range of accessories along with the product! Although you can get it much cheaper from different sites.. Below are some links I found for you guys to get your hands on the product –

Amazon India 

The box contains –

– 2 Trimming Heads ( 20mm and 2 sided trimming head of 16mm and 6mm )
– 2 Comb Attachments ( Used for evening the hair length while using the trimmer )
– 1 Cleaning Brush
– Beauty Pouch
– 1 AA Battery
– 1 Styler Cap

IMG_5306  IMG_5275

As for me,  I think the amount of money is definitely worth it! It claims to be Quick and Gentle along with High Precision for shaping and styling.
The two sided trimming head is used for the face which includes areas like sideburns, upper lip, chin and eyebrows.
The broader one is used for areas like underarms and bikini line.
It’s ideal for when you have no time to go to a salon and clean yourself up, just a quick touch up and you’re good to go!


The packaging is really pretty! It comes in a neat box, the colour combination used is Pink and White which is Veet’s signature palette! All the products are neatly presented, there is a clear instruction manual inside the box as well as behind it.


1. Re-growth of hair is not at all hard or coarse. ( BIG BIG PRO )
2. Can be used often, it doesn’t make the re-growth faster like razors.
3. Very very gentle.
4. No fear of pain or cuts.
5. Ideal for touch-ups.
6. True to it’s claims.
7. Very precise in hair removal.
8. Neat and Presentable packaging.
9. Perfect travel companion.
10. Amazing for removing unwanted facial hair. ( BIG PRO )
11. Wireless.
12. Easy eyebrow trimming.


1. Not useful for legs.
2. Little noisy.
3. Doesn’t delay/eliminate/reduce hair growth.


I’m very very impressed with this product! I’d give it HUGE thumbs up from my side, and will highly recommend all the ladies out there to give it a shot!
It’s perfect for the Woman Today who’s always on the go. Always helps in keeping yourself presentable.

I hope you guys liked this product review I did.
Until next time. xox

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