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26 Jul

My Errand Look with Romwe Fashion!


Everyone has those days where they have a “To-Do” list all chalked up! You save up all the things like buying something for home, picking up dry cleaning, etc. for that one day when you have nothing to do..
And it’s pretty obvious that you want to wear something super comfy because you’re going to be jumping from one place to another; but there’s no reason that outfit can’t be stylish! 😉

I’ve been completely loving writing blogs for you guys recently, so I’m here with a brand new one with ROMWE FASHION.
Check them out over here!
Romwe has a lot of gorgeous variety, and I’ve already identified some of my absolute favourites! 💙
I decided to show you guys what I like to wear on my errand days, a really easy and comfortable outfit.. Let me know if you guys like it! Enjoy the pictures xx

Top - Forever21, Capris with Straps - ROMWE, Cross Body Sling - Forever21, Shoes - Amazon India
Top – Forever21, Capris with Straps – ROMWE, Cross Body Sling – Forever21, Shoes – Amazon India

IMG_5336  IMG_5345

Coffee is my survival juice! As is the case with billions of people in the world..
My day’s activities cannot possibly start without coffee, or in this case, my Iced Frappuccino from Starbucks! 😍 And especially when I’m doing errands, coffee is a must!
Coming on to what I’m sporting,
I’m wearing these Denim Capris from Romwe which have straps on them that make it seem like they’re dungarees, but they aren’t which is really cool if you ask me. The super thin straps are detachable, so it’s totally your choice to wear them.
I paired it up with a Black&White Striped Top, Plain White Shoes and a Cross Body Sling in the shape of a Mini Backpack. The sling adds a very cute and chic flavour to the outfit.
The fitting of the denims is so good and I’m adoring the button fly detailing. 😍😍 They’re surely one of the comfiest pair of denims I’ve owned. And comfort is the first thing you should look for when styling!

Lots of love to this new pair in my closet💝💝
Check out this product right here  from ROMWE! 👈

I really hope you guys liked this post..
Until next time. xox

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