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27 Dec

DeBelle Cosmetix – Product Review


Now that the Christmas Madness is over, it’s time to get some work done before we all go crazy for New Year’s!

Not many people know this, but I used to be a very very impulsive nail biter! When I started my blog, I was very embarrassed by my nails!
One of my friends gave me a suggestion which turned out to be very very beneficial for me!
She suggested me to get my nails shaped and always have nail polish on, it makes your nails stronger and even if you bite them and the nail polish chips, it looks really bad. Which basically creates an aversion and the impulsiveness goes away!

This worked wonders for me and looking at my nails right now, I’m shocked and sometimes still can’t believe that they’re MY nails! Haha!
Anyhow, so recently a brand called DeBelle Cosmetix sent across two very pretty nail paints to me!
A very pretty bright pink and a green shade! In this post, I’ll be showing the pink shade!

Debelle Gel Nail Lacquer Mystique Green and Bebe' Kiss

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer
Mystique Green and Bebe’ Kiss


The nail paint is priced at 295/- INR for 8ML of product. The formula of the nail paint is very impressive, there’s a gel based consistency and is made from natural seaweed extract which gives a salon like finish to your nails!
The packaging is very tiny and cute; the product comes on a small transparent glass bottle with a silver cap attached to the application brush.
The shades I received were Bebe’ Kiss and Mystique Green and I was very happy because I didn’t own these colours!



1. Long lasting.
2. Salon like finish.
3. Good formula.
4. Easy to carry around because of it’s tiny size.
5. Variety of shades is very impressive.
6. Doesn’t get chipped easily.


1. Price is a little towards the higher end.
2. Application brush is a little small for my liking, but can be managed with.


I’m extremely happy with the products I got from DeBelle and would definitely recommend you guys to try their products out!

I hope you guys liked the post!
Until next time. xox

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