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18 Oct

How To Rock Your Pajamas 101!


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pajamas’?

Night time? Your comfy bed? A warm blanket?

Okay, don’t fall asleep now! Haha!

I’m sure you guys are aware that as a fashion blogger, brands contact me to review and promote their products. So, this collaboration of mine is with BEWAKOOF.COM!

They sent me 2 of their products, out of which one I’ll be talking about today and the latter, very soon.
Coming on to the product,

BEWAKOOF.COM sent me a pair of Pajamas, and very funky ones for that matter!

Now, when you come to think of it, when a brand sends you a product like Pajamas, the most easy and conventional way to promote them would be to talk about their fabric, get yourself clicked in your room with a cup of coffee or something on those lines! Yea?

I’m not going to lie, that’s the first idea that popped into my head too!

But when I came to think about it, I wanted to do something unique.
Something that I’ve never seen people do, that is, not just wearing but rocking your pajamas outside your house!

And that is exactly what I’m here to do today.
I’m here to share with you guys how I got the confidence to wear my pajamas to places like college, lunches etc.

The Pajamas that I got have a pastel sea green base with the Batman logo in the colour yellow and blue!
( PS – You can view’s Pajama collection by clicking on the hyperlink! )


This is how the look turned out to be after everything was in place!

I was so incredibly happy about this look ; it looks so street and funky, but at the same time balanced and not over the top.

The colour palette of the clothes panned out to look absolutely stunning with the accessories I had in mind for the entire ensemble!

I wore a yellow cami tank top and tied a knot towards the side and a blue half sleeves shrug which match the colours of the Batman logo perfectly.

Both the accessories I’ve worn are from different collaborations of mine.

I wore aqua and gold coloured jhumkas which I received from Fave, ShopO, that I am TOTALLY obsessed with since the minute I got them.
And, this gorgeous Black and White Bendy that I received from Pigtails and Ponys.

The jhumkas not only add an indo-western twist but also add a bling and an oomph element. And the bendy, provides a much needed colour break in the palette and also, gives it a very street look!


To complete the look, I put on a pair of simple white shoes and I was ready to shine..

Any of you can take any pajama you have and style yourselves creatively like I have.
It’s truly very simple, and the key to this is to let your creativity run free!






You guys can also check out other products from BEWAKOOF.COM like Crop Tops, Sweatshirts, Shorts, T-shirts and ofcourse Pajamas for Women.

Also, they’ve just introduced gorgeous T-shirt Dresses.

And for Men, there are T-shirts, Denim Jeans, Sweatpants, Sweatshirts and ofcourse Pajamas again!

All you guys have to do is click on the hyperlinked word and it’ll take you directly to the products!


Cami Tank Top – Sarojini Nagar


Earrings – Fave, My ShopO ( Direct link to Product )

Bendy – Pigtails and Ponys

Half Sleeves Shrug – Max Fashion

Shoes – H&M

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Until next time. xox

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