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6 Oct

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation


It’s Product Review Thursday guys!

It’s been quite some time since I reviewed a beauty product for all of you because I hadn’t really tried any new makeup!
This, is actually a foundation that I’ve had for quite some time but faced some problems with it!

The L’Oreal Paris Infallible is genuinely my absolute go to foundation! I have recommended this foundation to so many friends and relatives of mine, it’s not even funny.
I’ve heard amazing reviews about this product! Just like me, other bloggers and youtubers have raved about this foundation SO much and trust me girls, there’s a reason for that rave!


The first time I got this foundation was in Mid April, and the shade I was given was 145 – Rose Beige. 
I did get my shade checked and even though the shade was, in reality, way darker than my actual tone, it seemed fine in the light, so I went for it.
But after using it on my face, I realized that it’s so much more darker than my skin tone that I could actually patches of my actual color and the color of the foundation.

When I went to the store again, they said I would be one shade lighter but there wasn’t a tester available for that shade, so I decided to go for a foundation from another brand.

Recently, I had an event coming up and I wanted to go for a more long lasting foundation that really absorbs into my skin.
So I though to get my shade checked again! And it turned out to be the lightest shade in the entire range, 120 – Vanilla.

I was actually shocked because the shades that were suggested to me were at least 3 or 4 times darker.
Anyhow, whatever the whole jumble was, I finally did succeed in finding my correct shade!


Coming on to the actual review of the foundation,

Even with my shade being darker, the consistency of the formula and the overall feel of the foundation is very light and smooth!
The product has a very extensive shade range from light skin tones to medium to dark tones!
It gives a very healthy glow to my skin and it’s perfect for college going girls or working ladies because it doesn’t budge at all for more than 12 hours!
I leave for college at 8 and I usually remove my makeup at around 10 and it doesn’t fade or oxidize or anything!
It just stays put!


It is priced at 1400/- INR for 30ML of product which is yes, towards the higher side. But there are many factors that make it worth your money!

Packaging is simple and informative, it comes in a transparent glass tube where you can see the color clearly. Also, the shade number and name are mentioned on top of the cap.

The best part is, that it comes with a pump! So the application becomes very hygienic and product is not wasted because you know exactly how many pumps your face’s full coverage requires!



1. Easily blendable.
2. Gives a glow to my skin.
3. Long lasting.
4. Doesn’t oxidize.
5. Very smooth texture.
6. Comes with a pump, so easy use and hygienic.
7. Feels very light on the skin.
8. Vast shade range to choose from.


1. Price is towards the higher side.
2. Doesn’t give a matte finish.


Truly very happy with this product!
Would recommend it to all the girls who are in need of a good foundation!

Hope you guys liked this post!
Until next time. xox

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