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6 May

Mini M.A.C Haul


Hey guys!
So, yesterday I had gone lipstick shopping with my best friend and got these 5 insanely gorgeous shades from M.A.C Cosmetics!

The only issue I have with M.A.C is that the lipsticks are pretty expensive. If you want to go makeup shopping in bulk, it’s almost impossible to do that in M.A.C until and unless you have lots of money to blow up.

Each lipstick is priced at Rs. 1450/-
Why I prefer M.A.C for lipsticks, is because they have SO MUCH variety in shades and also, they have a lot of different finishes.
They have Matte, Retro Matte, Creemsheen, Lustre, Satin, Amplified, Glaze and god knows how many more!
Even though Matte lipsticks are my absolute favorite, sometimes you can also be in the mood for a glossy, creamy or shiny shimmery finish. And M.A.C provides you with that!

Moving on to the shades I bought yesterday!
I’ll take you guys through them shade wise ( lightest to darkest )


So, this shade from M.A.C is a pale pinky nude color.
This color suits the most on darker skin tones.
People who have light to medium skin tone, this shade will slightly flush them out.
However, if you have bold eye makeup on like a black smokey eye, this is an ideal shade!

So, this shade suits all skin tones!
You can pull off this shade for concerts, weddings, casual outings.



Now this is a very pretty shade! I’ve never been into browns as such, but I fell in love with this color the minute I tried it on in the M.A.C store!

If any of you who’s reading this, is familiar with Velvet Teddy from M.A.C, it’s just slightly darker than that. It’s a beautiful peachy brown and doesn’t make you look too mature.

It’s ideal for light to medium skin tones.
When paired up with olive green, this shade will look phenomenal.
This color can be worn for a dinner date, parties.



I cannot even begin to explain how much I’ve fallen in love with this lipstick!

It’s an insanely beautiful dusty mauvey pink lipstick. And it beats the definition of perfect for me. You can wear this to work, college, brunch, functions, ANYTHING. And you can team it up with anything!
It suits all skin tones and I can’t stop raving about this color!
I highly recommend this shade!



Okay, can we please just take 2 seconds and appreciate the names that M.A.C gives it’s lipsticks?
As soon as you hear the name, you feel like owning it.
Now, we’re moving on to the more bolder shades. And this shade is actually the brightest bold shade I own.
I do own 2-3 plums but they’re towards the darker side. This lipstick is very very bright.

It’s a beautiful orange shade with a red undertone to it.
This works well with a light to medium skin tone. I don’t really think it’ll good on a darker skin tone since it’s quite bright.
The best color to pair this up with is white. It’ll look beautiful and it’ll tone down the attention to the lipstick.
I would personally not wear this with black because black would make your lip color pop. And you really wouldn’t want that with this shade because it’s already quite bright and you don’t want to highlight it further!
But that’s just a personal preference!



Coming on to the last lipstick I bought,
For those of you who don’t know, I’m a red lipstick lover. For me? The more reds, the better.
My favorite red till now has been M.A.C Retro Matte – Ruby Woo
And this red is slightly darker than Ruby Woo. It’s a beautiful color! It’s very subtle and not too bright.
It’s my perfect red lipstick and I highly recommend this.
Suits all skin tones!
It goes best with gowns, long slit tops, statement neck pieces.


So, to sum up all the shades, here is a hand swatch


If you guys want to check out my lip swatches to see how the colors look on me,

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Hope you guys liked it!
Until next time. xox


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